We have kittens available now and then. All of our kittens are raised in a family-environment with other cats and lots of cuddles. When we have kittens we update our facebook-page with new photos almost every week. At the age of 5-6 weeks we take visits and from 6-8 weeks it is possible to book one of the babies.


We have kittens! Litter Y was born on the 6th of December.

Lava and Zibi are proud parents of four little curly babies. The litter will be raised in Karlskoga, Örebro län. Contact us if you are interested!

Male, CRX b 03 

Male, CRX b 03

Male, CRX b (?) 33

Female, CRX h 03

Expected babies in mid-January between Zibi and Qulan. And in the end of January, we hope for babies after Dastin and Spökis. More info to come!


For the latest news and an insight in everyday life, follow us on instagram: mumsikoff_crx and on our facebook-page here.

Mumsikoff Cornish Rex kittens



Our kittens leave not earlier than 14 weeks old. Pet-kittens will be neutured. All kittens are sold with a contract. Mumsikoff rarely sell kittens for breeding and then only with restrictions. We do not ship kittens, either you come and pick them up personally, or we take a little road-trip and deliver.


When sold, our kittens have/are:

- At least 14 weeks old

- 2x vaccinated + (Rabiesvaccinated if needed)

- Health-insured in Agria

- Chip-marked

- A health certificate

- Neutured (unless sold to a breeder)

- Registered in Sverak, FIFe

- Transfer from FIFé (if needed)

- A sales agreement

- Very socialized and house-trained


They have with them: 

- Pedigree and all documentation

- A little of the food they are used to

- Favourite toy

- A blanket that smells like home

- Photos of the kittens first couple of months

- Lifelong ”24/7” support from us


We love keeping in contact with our children and their new parents. 

Mumsikoff Cornish Rex

We do not have kittens often - our breeding is based on the well-being of our cats and a strategic breeding plan. We rather wait for the right moment than take a litter just for the sake of it. If you are interested in our current or future kittens, please, get in touch with us. We appreciate if you put effort into our first contact and tell us more about yourself, what you are looking for and what you can offer one of our babies. And btw, vi pratar självklart även svenska!

Please note that we rarely sell cats for breeding and then only to registered breeders who we feel that we can trust.